Spring '24 Salesforce Release is here!

newsletter Feb 04, 2024

The Spring '24 Salesforce Release is here!

In the theme of last week's email I spent some time perusing the release notes, and thought I'd share 10 interesting updates I noticed with you!

  1. MFA Is Turned On by Default Starting April 2024

    Starting April 8th, 2024 MFA will be turned on by Default. 

  2. Sum or Count Items in Collections More Easily with the Transform Element (Beta) 

    We've been able to see the Transform Element in Flows in Sandbox environments for a while now. Evidently one use case for these will be to work with collections.

    This seems like the first use case I've found for the element so far.

  3. Create Multiple Instances of a Set of Fields with the New Repeater Component (Beta) 

    Great to see Salesforce continue to invest in Flows. A repeater component is common with the most popular form tools (FormAssembly/Formstack) and to see them added to flows is a definite win.

  4. Add Fields from Related Objects to Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages 

    This is a game changer. We no longer will need formula fields to display values from related object fields on record detail pages. When working with an object that contains a lookup to another object, Lightning Record Pages have been enhanced to allow navigation through that relationship, enabling the display of fields from the referenced object directly.

  5. Confirmation Message When You Select the Multi-Select Picklist Field Type 

    This one made me laugh. Salesforce now shows a warning message when creating a multi-select picklist field due to their limitations. Hint: avoid these! 

  6. Use the Null Coalescing Operator 

    A new operator available in Apex that allows for quick if/then check on null values. Seems useful.

    "The null coalescing operator is a binary operator in the form a ?? b that returns a if a isn’t null, and otherwise returns b."

  7. Salesforce for Outlook Is Being Retired in June 2024 

    Full product retirement for Salesforce for Outlook is scheduled for June 2024.

  8. Use More Components to React to Changes on the Same Screen (Generally Available) 

    Configure a Display Text component or a Long Text component to react to changes in other components on the same screen in Screen Flows.

    This has been needed for a while and is great to see. No more building a second screen to validate the input of the first screen.
  9. Log In to All Your Sandboxes from Setup 

    To help you manage your sandboxes, logins from the Sandboxes Setup page now use the sandbox’s My Domain login URL.


  10. Track Site Updates in the New Change History Panel in Experience Builder

    Basically a change log for changes made to Experience Cloud sites. Surprising this didn't exist already, but cool that it does now!

And that's a wrap!

Hope you find the summary useful :)





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