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newsletter Mar 23, 2024

I'm reading a book called "Be Your Future Self Now" by Dr. Ben Hardy.

The key idea is that if you mentally project yourself into the future, and then look back to today as your future self, you get immense clarity.

It's like time travel.

You could pick a big holiday like Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or New Years and imagine looking back over the time from now until then.

Looking back from that future point, what would you have done between now and then that would make you proud of yourself?

As an example, I want to get five new Salesforce Certifications this year.

  • Salesforce Associate
  • AI Associate
  • Business Analyst
  • Strategy Designer
  • UX Designer

And guess how many I've gotten so far?



Imagining myself looking back from the first day of 2025 about not getting any certifications in 2024 and I feel embarrased and a little guilty.

I surely could've gotten those certifications if I had just done a little bit every day.

If I'm not conscious of it I tend to be, well, lazy - and it appears that tendency has gotten the better of me so far this year.

And that's a good indication I need to start taking action (which I did by buying a Focus on Force study guide today!)

Getting certifications is a career goal, but any goal, and any time period is legitimate for this exercise.

This same "looking back from the future" exercise has been shown to help people:

  • Decide to save and invest more for retirement
  • See that you want to spend more and better quality time with your family
  • Appreciate how great it is to be your present age and in good health
  • Invest more time, energy, and gratitude in your most important relationships

The idea from the book helped me course correct on my certification goal today.

I hope sharing it provides similar insight for you.




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