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4.7/5 (from 6,326+ students)

6,326+ students mastered Salesforce Flows
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Bill T.

"I feel much more comfortable and familiar with how flows are built. Going through these examples really works well in building up your knowledge. By the end of the course, I could sometimes stop the video and work ahead, and usually get it right. Thanks!"

Gurmukh S.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Oh Man! flows are awesome and you explained concepts really well. Thanks again for investing your time in these videos."

Kevin C.

"Happy with the discoveries made here in the flow builder and Nick's guidance. I am demonstrating the value at work with some features we may or may not have known about to generate new ideas in our company process. There's a lot that flow can do!"

Edita B.

"I've been looking for something exactly like this!! Well done for putting this together and sharing with all of us. Nick goes into amazing detail, explaining exactly what is happening and why, which is the most important at the beginning when you're trying to make sense of how Flow works. I couldn't recommend this course enough!"

Michael S.

"The instructions are very clear and the progress is fast but not too fast..Main concepts are reiterated well. I am super satisfied so far."

Onur U.

"Best way to practice is to get your hands dirty, and in this course you do that a lot."

Rodrigo P.

"I learnt a lot! In fact, a great course that cover from basic to advanced! Thanks"

Danielle B.

"Excellent Course!! I've learned a lot!!"

Bradley W.

"I have been learning a lot especially understanding more about how variables work."

Brandie L.

"Descriptions are great, relative and easy to follow. Explains the why."

Ron K.

"So far so good! Good step by step means of following along and learning a lot!"

Bruce F.

"Very thorough and good use cases/challenges. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to master Flows."

Colin P.

"I needed to learn how to build flows for a non profit I am working for and this helped big time."

Neil M.

"This was an exceptional course, that had a great pace and most important a great teacher. Well done hat comes off for you. Your hard work in creating this course did come through. I hope to see more Salesforce courses from you in the near future."

Yossi E.

"Thank you Nick for this great course. Well explained and great practice. Waiting for your next one ;)

Kadir S.

"This is by far the BEST Flow Builder tutorial I have seen! Great job, Nick and thank you!!!"

Carrie N.

"The step by step examples are great!"

Jaco Z.

"Great case studies"

Shawn P.

"This is great. So valuable"

Ram C.

"Covered Major scenarios in the flow . Best course out there for Learning Flows"

Abhishek C.

"Awesome Experience. I would highly recommend everyone to take this course."

Amy T.

"Awesome course, Nick, thank you for putting all your time and efforts into this. I learned so much. I hope your create more courses. I'll buy them!"

Muhammad Q.

"Great content. Awesome"

Elias S.

"So far so good! Looking forward to learning this skill and putting into use at work and for any future opportunities for career development or new and exciting job. Awesome course!! Nick THANK YOU for making this course! It surely has helped me put great automation in place at work. Still not a pro but certainly getting better and better. I will certainly come back to this course to refresh and review different sections as I work on new exciting and challenging projects at work. Keep up the great work you are doing for the community!!"

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4.7/5 (from 6,326+ students)

Earn More

In 2017 I was earning barely $30,000 a year. Three years later, at the height of a global pandemic, I earned over $150,000 (the most I had ever earned in one year). I don’t say that to impress you, but to impress upon you the career possibilities that Salesforce Flows can unlock. And I'm not unique in the Salesforce Ecosystem. With the right training YOU can achieve your career goals too. Let me show you the key Salesforce skill that made it possible.

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Learn Fast

Your colleagues will be blown away by how talented you become with Salesforce Flows. In this course we'll cover all the Salesforce Flow concepts you need to know to go from zero to hero using the Salesforce Flow Builder.

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Get Certified

You will quickly master automation knowledge essential for Salesforce Certification exams. We'll cover topics that will help you pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exams.

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The promise

My goal is to deliver a 100-to-1 return in value on your purchase. With this skillset, you can get a raise at your job, level up your career, help your clients in a new way, learn about Salesforce Flows to get certified, and master the core automation tool of the Salesforce Platform.

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Over 10 hours of training

We'll go through real-world use cases pulled from my Salesforce experience (plus several bonus lectures). You'll be presented with a challenge and together we'll build the solution so you can see exactly how flow building works in the real world. 

This course is routinely updated to stay up to date with the latest Salesforce release. Buy now and master Salesforce flows for a lifetime.

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The Curriculum Includes

We'll cover:

  1. Using Get, Create, and Update data elements

  2. Using logical operators such as Decisions, Assignments, and Collection Filters

  3. Using Loops

  4. Scheduled Salesforce Flows

  5. Before Save Flows

  6. Record Triggered Flows

  7. Screen Flows

  8. Using formulas in flows

  9. Sending emails with flows

  10. Proper Salesforce Flow debugging and testing

  11. Embedding flows in utility navigation Items

  12. Launching flows from a Button

  13. Using flows with Data Loader

  14. Building call scripts with Salesforce Flows

  15. Platform Event Triggered Flows

  16. Salesforce Flow Architecture
  17. ...and much, much, more!

Unlock The Complete Guide to Flows Today

🔒 Unlock Lifetime Access for only $29.95
4.7/5 (from 6,326+ students)

How one course started me on the road to $125,000

“Nearly 59% of employees claim they had no workplace training and that most of their skills were self-taught.”
- Lorman Education Services

That was true for me.

I worked at that Law Firm. I had to call customers on the phone to collect past due bills. I hated it. 

Salesforce was my way out of collecting bills. But who could I learn from? No one at my company knew much about it.

I tried Trailhead. I got 100 badges. I was a Ranger! I studied and got certified as an administrator. I got promoted - I was finally off the phones (YES!)

At last, I was officially on the Salesforce team. I got a raise. Surely my manager would be able to teach me!

To my surprise, my manager only knew Salesforce a little better than me. And knew how to use Salesforce Flows about as well as me (barely at all)

las, there was no one. And so, I went online and found a course. Just like this. And it changed everything.

I didn't realize it then, but one online course just started me on the road to $125,000.

Finally, someone could show me step-by-step what each little flow element did.

Finally, someone could tell me how real businesses used this Flow tool to add value.

Finally someone could teach me one-on-one. Show me examples. Provide pointers from their own mistakes.

I wanted to be helpful. I wanted to build. I wanted to create. I wanted to add value.

And finally, I could.

I got a raise. Then I got another raise.

Now, I had Salesforce flow builder skills. I could solve problems.

We didn’t need Salesforce consultants anymore. The “consulting budget” was added to my salary.

I was getting results. When asked if I could build automation to save time or money, the answer was (almost always) YES!

My manager took another position in the Firm. His direct reports became my direct reports. I was now the Salesforce Team Lead. Then I got another raise.

I could teach others! I did, and we did well. Our CEO emailed my three person team:

You three have done a fantastic job working with all the different personalities of managers, partners and each department to help build a great tool for our teams to use each day. Thank you for your efforts. We appreciate all the productive work. Thank you”

Wow. This is why I was doing all that extra work. To make a difference. YES!!

Our team grew in size. We grew in importance to the business. We built automation.

A College Dropout Earns a Spot on the Executive Team

Then the pandemic happened. We needed to cut costs. We found a way to change our license structure and save $350,000 a year on our Salesforce contract. On a 3-year contract that’s $1 million dollars.

And so we worked. We worked hard. And implemented all the solutions we needed (dozens of flows). Our plan proved out. The team pulled it off. We saved $1 million dollars. We all got bonuses. I took the team out to a 5-star steak house.

Later that year, based on results and profitability, I became an executive team member. My team and I now deserved a spot at the table!  I got another raise.

To this day I’m proud of our team and what we accomplished together. And, ultimately, I was hired away by a consulting firm at quadruple my salary from only three years before.

All because of a course. A Salesforce Flow course just like this. Where I learned the skills I needed to help the business grow.

And now it’s your turn.

Unlock The Complete Guide to Flows Today

🔒 Unlock Lifetime Access for only $29.95
4.7/5 (from 6,326+ students)

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock The Complete Guide to Flows Today

🔒 Unlock Lifetime Access for only $29.95
4.7/5 (from 6,326+ students)